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family worldThis picture was drawn by my beautiful daughter Cordelia. I call it Family World.

I am a DJ on KBRP LP Bisbee, 96.1 FM My show is called the Comfort and Joy Show You can hear it on Sunday Mornings At 9 AM Arizona Time ---- it is also rebroadcast  on Tuesday nights at 9 PM and you can live stream either broadcast at www.kbrpradio.com  KBRP LP has a lot to offer you, live programming as well as shared programs from Pacifica Radio such as Democracy Now, Wings, Roots and more! The Comfort and Joy Show hopes to bring a little, well, comfort and inspiration to you on Sunday. You can hear rock, classical, jazz, bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, blues, gospel blues, world beat, folk, and even a little hip hop now and then. The Comfort and Joy Show features a different version of Amazing Grace every show, (here is a poem I wrote about Amazing Grace, Polyhymnia Tells A Story) as well as a Dylan du Jour, so please tune in for a little Sunday morning music to start your week off in a positive way! Click  here to see this week's playlist. You can contact me at joy@thecomfortandjoyshow.com  you can also be my facebook friend. Look me up and mention in the message that you heard the show! Lonesome Shack is a band that started in Bisbee, and here is a link to a you tube video of Ben Todd singing "I Saw The Light" The people at the Hazelden Group have given me permission to read from their thought-for-a-day website now and then, Some Thoughts............


older thenA Little Bit About Me  (Cathy Murphy took this picture, I won't say when)

I graduated from Prescott College in 1996

 I live in   Bisbee Arizona

my husband

I am married and my husband

 Mike sure likes to take pictures.

Interested in getting a massage?

My daughter-in-law is an artist

Reva has a website, her art is awesome.

My favorite group in the whole world is  The Be Good Tanyas. Although Michael Franti is a close second. Come to think of it, Bisbee is lucky to have the music of Dylan Charles live in many venues. Bisbee is Blessed to count Becky Reyes as one of our treasures. 

Are you interested in natural medicine? Two Raven Herbals has a great selection of medicinal herbs.

 I have been learning about Kuan Yin
The idea of forgiveness is close to compassion.

Here is a poem about teaching in an elementary school on the Navajo reservation    there is a bom

I like to visit the Copper Queen Library

The KBRP LP Studio is located in the Central School Project.

Here is a Sonnet, yes, a sonnet about EGO  Blip   

 This poem is about The Big Picture
Been acquainted with a substance abuse issue? This poem, More, speaks to that.
What would you do with three wishes? WISH
This poem speaks to that drummer we who are different may march to. Beat

Here is a picture my grandson Zachary painted for the most recent Youth Plein Air Painting Competition in Bisbee Zach's Painting


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I hope you have a chance
to listen to the  Comfort and Joy Show and I always appreciate your feedback. One more REALLY IMPORTANT THING

      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

   The courage to change the things I can and

   The wisdom to know the difference.



Have a great week, one day at a time, dear visitors.