I want to forgive myself first

so I can learn to forgive others.


Maybe like god, I should

start with my children and forgive them for being like me.


I want to forgive my ego for all the heavy steps over

egos more fragile than mine and then  forgive those egos for being so fragile.


I want to forgive our daily bread for attaching itself so securely to my gut

and forgive the fashion industry for making it so desirable to be unhealthy.


I want to forgive others who do unto you before you have a chance to do unto them and I want to forgive all of those who have trespassed against us.


I want to forgive the chains and shackles and restrictions that keep spirits from freedom and the freedom that money can buy.


I want to forgive the bruises and bites and cramps and hard rocks that limit and trip even steady feet on a perilous path.


I want to forgive science for killing magic and I want to forgive magic for scaring the hell out of insecure people.


I want to forgive yesterday for all the pain and tomorrow for all the promise.


Maybe like God

I can then really forgive myself.





Joy Walden@2010