Polyhymnia the muse of sacred song tells a story:



The rolling of the seas

Under a British flag

Young john Newton, stripped, flogged and scarred

Sold to a slaver, to serve the slaves

Seeing all the lives, the lives that will not be saved

Hunger, Violence, death and damnation

His soul, alone, cried for salvation

Rescued, reprieved and a journey home

What was in his heart he kept for himself,
His soul now grown

Neptune's fury, roiling the waves

The Ship, pitched and swaying

The sailor beside him, swept into the sea

Promises to the Christian God

Yes, Praying

Saved he knew by the Grace of Yahweh

Dry land and a spiritual odyssey

He sought out ecclesiastical revelation

And to the world brought true inspiration

I beside him stood that morn

And into his heart with amazing grace

A song was born

Joy Walden@2008