Isn’t the point to be found in the big picture?

Oh, some believe in plans,


some divine unfathomable drama

The sun, one foot in front of the other

And so on

Tradition and sunsets and all that

Snow storms and string games and coyote puppets,



The heart beats in spite of the grief

Like, ya, right

It sucks to be you

Well if you believe there is no choice

Ya, it sucks to be you


Making your walk match the talk

Can be tricky when you’re numb

Make sure you know where you stroll


I dealt with the goddam-unfair- treating-me-shitty-world by

Aiming myself at love and children and art and Sacred gifts of the heart

 I got my priorities straight and let somebody love me

Open arms baby

Bring it on


The big picture is a range from then until whenever

This big picture is your map

The buddists say it’s the journey



Life can change in less than a heartbeat

The phone rings in the middle of the night

A group of men in army uniforms

Getting out of a car, walking up to your door,

A doctors office

a drunk driver,

an animal frozen in the headlights

a hospital


a hurricane,

an earthquake,

a tornado,

a gun,

a grave.


Some pray.


Fate, maybe

The buddists say shit happens

I say the point is found in the big picture

Like the sun

One foot in front of the other.

Joy Walden 2005